Cutting-edge cutting technology.

How Carbide works to create a better edging experience.

Carbide is far less likely to break or deform, and unlike standard steel blades, it is resistant to wear and tear. 
Our carbide cutting teeth outperform other steel blades under high speed.


A standard urban scenario
with grass that has
grown over the sidewalk.


The same sidewalk after
multiple passes
with a standard edger blade.


The same sidewalk after
a single pass with
the GoldenEdge Blade.


GoldenEdge saves time and money over the leading blade.

Carbide teeth are stronger and last longer meaning you aren't changing your blades as frequently.
In fact, GoldenEdge lasts up to 50x longer than standard edger blades. And because carbide teeth
cut better than your average blade, you can work faster.

Save time and money. With GoldenEdge.

Do the Math

By not having to change blades as often, one GoldenEdge could save you more than 4 hours' work, and a single GoldenEdge blade will cost you significantly less than 50 standard blades. When you add it up like that, GoldenEdge pays for itself. 

And then some.


At GoldenEdge, we believe in simplicity. That's why GoldenEdge is designed to work with Stihl, Echo, Husqvarna and most other major commercial and consumer brand edgers using a 1" center hole. No special adapters or tools necessary. Swap out your existing blade with GoldenEdge using the tools you have on-hand and do up to 50x the work without having to change blades.

The only problem is, you'll probably forget where you put your wrench by the time your GoldenEdge wears out and needs to be replaced.