"Golden Edge transformed my lawn."

Before Daniel came along, my yard looked just like everyone else's. And I edged the same way my neighbors did. Constantly pushing and pulling a sub-par edger blade to get a sub-par result. GoldenEdge transformed my lawn in a single pass with clean, precise edges that I'm proud for my neighbors to see.

— Matthew Morse (Homeowner, Sumter, South Carolina)


My name is Greg Lewis. I own and operate a residential and commercial landscape maintenance company in Sumter, South Carolina. I have been using GoldenEdge with a lot of success, and I believe this product is going to completely replace the typical rectangular edger blades found on most edgers. With standard blades, we were working more slowly and changing blades up to 5 times a day. GoldenEdge does the job in a single pass and we haven't worn one out yet. GoldenEdge is saving me time and money. Give one a try. You're going to love it.

— Greg Lewis (Owner, Lewis Lawn Service, Sumter, South Carolina)